Gundren Rockseeker

"Let's make a deal."


At first glance, you might mistake Gundren for a short, stocky human. While most dwarves have beards down to their belts, Gundren’s is much shorter and deliberately shaped. This, and his omnipresent cigar, make him a hard man to forget.


If you asked a non-dwarf to name a dwarven clan, odds are, “Rockseeker” would be the first name to come out of their mouth. They aren’t an abnormally populous clan, nor do they have any heroic feats to their name; rather, their renown is largely due to the work of one man – Gundren.

Gundren has brokered a deal of some sort in nearly every town and city in the Woodlands. Despite having never cheated a single business partner nor swindled a client, you can’t help but be suspicious of him. It always seems that he knows more than he lets on, but no one who has worked with him would call him dishonest.

Gundren Rockseeker

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