Black Cap

Before the Beginning

Cast of Characters

Buddy – Wood Elf Ranger (Arcane Archer)

Clever Star – Tabaxi Warlock (Archfey Patron)

Covfefe – Mousefolk Druid (Circle of Dreams)

Dal Thornkil – Mountain Dwarf Fighter (Champion)

El Rey Gigante – Halfling Monk (Way of the Open Hand)

Mowah – Human Cleric of Selune (Knowledge Domain)

The Beginning
Dal Thornkil, Clever Star, and Mowah arrived at the guardpost on the southern outskirts of Riverbend, as requested by their patron, Gundren Rockseeker. They expected to meet Gundren there, but instead, they were given a note left with the guard. In it, Gundren explained that he had set out early with his friend Sildar, to attend to some business they had in Phandalin. The three adventurers waited a few hours for the other two people Gundren had hired to show up, but at the guard’s instance, they headed out at around noon.

After a day and a half of uneventful travel, Dal, Star, and Mowah found their path blocked by two dead horses, each of which had several black-feathered arrows sticking out of them. As the party approached to investigate, four goblins charged in! Before the party had a chance to react, El Rey Gigante dropped from the branches, driving one of the goblins down into the dirt. After a hard fought battle, the party emerged victorious, though not unscathed.

While Dal moved one of the horses off the trail, and El Rey attempted to move the other one, Buddy and Covfefe finally caught up. A night of drinking caused them to miss the departure window, but between traveling faster than the wagons, and not getting ambushed themselves, they were able to catch up. An investigation of the area revealed an empty map case and a cigar near where the horses had fallen. The party immediately recognized the smell of Gundren’s cigar. They noticed two sets of drag marks leading off through the bushes. After a short rest, the party set out to find Gundren and Sildar.

The adventurers were able to make it safely to Cragmaw cave, narrowly avoiding the traps left by the goblins. As they approached the cave’s mouth, two goblins who had been lying in wait. One goblin was deftly decapitated, but the other goblin was captured and interrogated. The party made its way into the cave, used some rations to distract the guard wolves, and began working their way across the small river leading out of the cave.

A good use of the dungeoneer’s pack’s rope and pitons helped the most of the party safely cross the stream. However, as Dal prepared to make her away across, a torrent of water flooded down the tunnel, washing her back to the mouth of the cave. She quickly recovered and rejoined the party, who made their way into the room that Spike had told them housed Sildar.

Several goblins were seated around a campfire, eating dinner. Star used some of her fey magic to put 2 of the goblins to sleep. Covefefe stepped in a whipped one of the other’s with a thorn-covered vine, and Buddy pinned one of the 2 remaining goblins with to the wall with a powerful shot from her bow. As El Rey Gigante rushed in, he was interrupted by a voice. A goblin, who later identified himself as Yeemik, called down from a short cliff on the side of this room. He was holding a badly-beaten Sildar over the edge, and he threatened to kill him if the adventurers didn’t take out his boss, Klarg.

After learning that Klarg was a bugbear, the party decided they weren’t ready to take on that fight yet. Instead, they told Yeemik they would take care of it, and they left the cave. After waiting half an hour or so, they came back to deploy their plan, leaving El Rey outside the cave with Spike, fearing that one of them might interfere with their ploy. Star created an illusory bugbear head to show Yeemik, and she placed the illusion in a bag. The threw the bag up to Yeemik, deliberately over-throwing to move him away from Sildar. Covefefe used his thorn whip to pull Yeemik off the cliff, and Buddy split him in two with her greatsword. Mowah laid her hands on Sildar and healed him, and the party prepared to learn what they can from him.

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